This is the face of true loyalty. Shaddick is a sweet tempered German Shepherd Lab mix is looking for a new home. I moved to the bay area for work and had to down grade from a three bedroom house with a large yard to a one bedroom apartment with a small balcony. I feel bad having to keep Shaddick in such a small space and want him to go to a good home. Shaddick is very affectionate and would make a great family dog. He grew up with a small Maltese so he likes little dogs and is very sociable. He enjoys learning new tricks, running, hiking, eating bones and meat. He does know some tricks sit, lay down, roll over (he needs to practice this one), & shake on both paws. His ears stick up like a pure German Shepherd ears since he is black this makes him look like a giant rabbit or chihuahua. There is an adoption fee but it is only to make sure he will go to a good home.